Mindfulness in the Workplace Programme

The landmark 2015 All Party Parliamentary Group Mindful Nation UK report suggested that mindfulness in workplaces can improve organisational culture, staff well-being, performance and quality. However for this field to flourish there is a need for high quality trainings that will prepare and support those wishing to teach mindfulness in the workplace.

To support those teaching or wishing to teach mindfulness in workplace settings, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice Bangor University have collaborated to jointly offer a Mindfulness in the Workplace Masterclass series.

The series is divided into ‘core’ days which we consider essential for anyone introducing mindfulness in a workplace setting, and additional specialist days, which we consider optional development opportunities. Participants who attend five or more of the core days (and have already undertaken Preliminary or Level 1 Mindfulness Teacher Training) will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Readiness to Teach in the Workplace’. The masterclasses are also available to be booked individually as CPD days.

In workplace settings, it is important to adapt mindfulness training to the needs of the particular sector and organisation. This series does not therefore present a set workplace curriculum, but rather will support the development of the skills and understanding that enable trained mindfulness teachers to adapt appropriately to different workplace populations and organisational settings.

Our intention is to develop and pioneer a specialist training pathway, which will see the addition of a mindfulness in the workplace teacher competency assessment process, thus enabling us to offer a ‘Certificate of Workplace Teaching Competence’ – this will be open to all those who have achieved our ‘Certificate of Readiness to Teach in the Workplace’.

To receive the ‘Certificate of Readiness to Teach’ and progress to the Workplace Competency Assessment you need to have completed foundational teacher training and attend five of the Core Workplace Masterclasses.  See here for further information.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new programme.

CORE DAY: Positioning Mindfulness in the Workplace

23 March 2018

Michael Chaskalson and Chris Tamdjidi

In this Masterclass we will discuss:
• How to position mindfulness in the workplace.
• The different types of impact that may follow and the conditions required for these
• How to ensure ‘broad focus’ vs ‘single goal’ mindfulness interventions
• How to balance the pressure of workplace requirements, such as productivity, sick days reduction with the wider benefits of mindfulness
• How to get buy-in for an ongoing intervention
• The balance between virtual as opposed to live training
• The necessity of leadership support for mindfulness at work.

CORE DAY: Teaching Methods for Mindfulness in the Workplace

27 April 2018

Michael Chaskalson and Chris Tamdjidi

At present, most people who have learned to teach the secular mindfulness-based approaches have done so in contexts that focus on the clinical and therapeutic uses of mindfulness. The workplace environment differs significantly from these.

Both Chris and Michael have significant experience in teaching mindfulness in workplace contexts and, in this masterclass, they will share what they have found useful – as well as what they have found to be unhelpful.

CORE DAY: Embedding Mindfulness in the Workplace

29 June 2018

Leonie Schell and Sarah Silverton

Many organisations nowadays offer some form of mindfulness training. Yet few organisations offer support or guidance to their people on how to successfully integrate mindfulness practices into the daily workplace setting.

Sarah and Leonie will explore the pathways to integrating mindfulness in the workplace and share a ‘how to’ framework for applying mindfulness to different workplace situations, forming mindful teams and building mindfulness into an organisation’s architecture.

The day will be highly interactive with discussions about relevant workplace research and organisational case studies. Participants will also have an opportunity to develop a personal roadmap for embedding mindfulness in their team or organisation.

CORE DAY: Optimising social, environmental and culture change in the workplace

28th September 2018

Rachel Lilley

Research has demonstrated that workplace mindfulness training has the potential to bring about behavioural, social and environmental change.

The masterclass will enable participants to discover how they can anchor their practice into an ongoing inquiry into ethics, values and behaviour while still honouring and attending skilfully to the issues that individuals and organisations bring to the process.  Compelling research and practice at the interface between mindfulness, and environmental/social change and ethics will be presented. Participants will come to understand how these contemporary understandings of behaviour change principles can underpin mindfulness-based teaching practice.

We will explore case-studies of mindfulness-based teaching within workplace contexts in which there has been a deliberate orientation towards social/environmental change and use these as a springboard to consider some of the ethical tensions and dilemmas that arise within these processes.

CORE DAY: Mindfulness-based interventions in the workplace: The Role of Theory, Science and Research

26 October 2018

Professor Willem Kuyken and Silke Rupprecht

This masterclass will examine case studies of workplace mindfulness programmes: What are the objectives? Who is it for? How can mindfulness trainings be best delivered and scaled (digital vs. live) and how does that impact programme quality and outcomes?

This will provide delegates with a map of how mindfulness practices in organizational settings can support change. The day will include an overview of some of the key research in the field of mindfulness in the workplace and support delegates in critiquing this evidence base.

Finally, the masterclass will overview evaluation approaches to assessing the impact of any intervention in workplace settings.

OPTIONAL DAY: Mindfulness and Coaching

22 November 2018 

Vicki Curtis and Mark McMordie

Research from the field of psychotherapy suggests that rather than the therapist’s preferred process or methodology, the biggest variance in client outcomes results from their way of being with clients. In this masterclass we will explore the role of mindfulness in enabling a state of open receptivity in the coaching encounter and deeper levels of attunement and resonance with coaching clients.

While mindfulness might be brought explicitly into the coaching relationship through teaching mindfulness practices, we will consider how mindfulness might inform coaching process and influence outcomes through the embodied presence of a mindful coach.

This experiential masterclass with weave together research and theory with mindfulness and coaching practice.


OPTIONAL DAY: Mindfulness for Leaders

23 November 2018

Michael Chaskalson and Megan Reitz

Megan and Michael between them have considerable experience teaching mindfulness to organisational leaders.

They’ll share their methods, results and their developing model of Mindful Leadership. They will describe, using their evidence, how mindfulness impacts capacities which are considered as vital for leaders in the 21st Century. Given that their research indicates the importance of practice, they will also advise how mindfulness interventions should be introduced to leaders in a way that encourages them to practice in a sustainable way.

The day will be highly interactive and will include several experiential and small group discussion components which will assist application.