Step 3 – Teaching

Your continuing professional development and on-going supervision.

Once your teaching has been assessed and you are confidently teaching and continuing supervision, what should you consider next in your development towards proficiency.

Further Development of Teaching Skills – Proficiency and Specialist training

It is important for you as a competent MBCT teacher to continue to develop skills, deepen experiential understanding, and develop specialist areas of expertise. The OMC recommends considering a range of development opportunities, including attending Masterclasses, workshops, Summer Schools and conferences. As part of the good practice guidelines it is recommended that you attend a teacher led residential retreat annually for intensive personal practice. We also encourage you to share experience and learn collaboratively through alumni networks or with colleagues.

OMC Masterclasses

OMC Summer Schools

OMC Retreats

The role of retreats for MBCT teachers


All trainee teachers and qualified teachers should receive supervision, even when co-teaching. To support the continuing development of teachers wishing to become supervisors, the OMC is offering a two day workshop in Supervision Find out more.