Embedding Mindfulness in the Workplace

Masterclass details

Course Leaders

Leonie Schell

How long is the Masterclass?

One Day 9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Who is the Masterclass for?

Mindfulness Teachers

Where is the Masterclass?

Oxford, UK

How many people on each Masterclass

Up to 40

How much does the Masterclass cost?

£130 (including Lunch)

Available masterclasses:

10th Nov 2019

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Many organisations nowadays offer some form of mindfulness training. Yet few organisations offer support or guidance to their people on how to successfully integrate mindfulness practices into the daily workplace setting. With the wide variety of workplace contexts, are there shared principles that may be applied?

Leonie has significant experience in teaching mindfulness in the workplace. In this class you will explore the pathways to integrating mindfulness in the workplace and share a ‘how to’ framework for applying mindfulness to different workplace situations, forming mindful teams and building mindfulness into an organisation’s architecture.

The day will be highly interactive with discussions about relevant workplace research and organisational case studies. Participants will also have an opportunity to develop a personal roadmap for embedding mindfulness in their team or organisation.

Who is Leonie Schell 

Leonie is a management advisor at EY specialising in health & wellbeing strategy, health analytics, culture change and employee engagement. She is the founder and chair of the global Mindfulness Network at EY and teaches mindfulness programmes firm-wide. Leonie has a particular interest in how to embed mindfulness into the organisation’s architecture to achieve sustainable behaviour change and a more inclusive culture. She is an Associate at the Mindfulness Initiative, where she coordinates the private sector workplace taskforce and has been a key contributor to their latest publication, The Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace. Leonie is trained in Mindfulness-based Approaches Teacher Training Level 1 at Exeter University and has undertaken further training and masterclasses in mindfulness and compassion at the University of Oxford and University of Bangor. Leonie follows the Good Practice Guidelines for teaching mindfulness and is committed to daily practice, regular retreats and ongoing personal development.