Intensive Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT – 7 day Residential

Course details

How long is the course?

7 days

When is the course?

Saturday 21st April 2018 - Saturday 28th April 2018

Who is the course for?

Preparing practitioners to teach MBCT

Where is the course?

Ammerdown Centre, Somerset

How many people on the course?


How much does the course cost?

£1,400 (including all accommodation, food and teaching)

Course Leaders

To Be Confirmed

Available courses:

21st Apr - 28th Apr 2018

Fully booked

15th Sep - 22nd Sep 2018

Fully booked

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Intensive Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT 7 day Residential

The intention of this 7-day training is to provide participants with an opportunity to directly experience the 8-session programme of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), learn about the theoretical underpinnings, and practice teaching. Participants should have first met all the prerequisites in Step 1 for training to be a teacher

You will experience the 8-session programme of MBCT, and have the opportunity to practise teaching elements of the programme to one another in pairs, with feedback from the trainers and each other. Participants are expected to have some prior knowledge and experience of mindfulness and of cognitive therapy, and to have a serious interest in bringing MBCT into their lives and work.

Intensive Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT– Further Information:


The training is an introduction to teaching MBCT, and a platform for developing further teaching skills through an apprenticeship. Attendance will not necessarily mean that you can now teach MBCT, but is an integral part of a pathway to developing competency and ethical practice as described by the Good Practice Guidelines for teachers.


If you choose this training route you may need to undertake further structured training in teaching MBCT, in order to develop competency as described by the MBI-TAC criteria, depending upon your skills and prior experience/training.  Some of this might be gained through attending workshops in core MBCT skills eg: Enquiry, and theoretical underpinnings such as Buddhist Psychology, which compared to the 11 month Foundational training, this course does not provide in the same depth.

International Training

 If you are not resident in the UK and wish to access the Oxford Mindfulness Centre’s training pathway, there are two options:

  • Attending the Intensive Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT – 7 day Residential in the UK as described above and organising your own extended apprenticeship with our guidance.
  • The OMC may be able to offer organisations an Intensive Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT – 7 day Residential in your country. Please contact us for further details.

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