Mindful Movement

Masterclass details

Course Lead

Anita Lewis

How long is the Masterclass?

One Day 9.30am - 4.30pm

Who is the Masterclass for?

Teachers of MBCT and those training to teach MBCT

Where is the Masterclass?

St Hugh's College, St Margaret's Road Oxford OX2 6LE

How many people on this Masterclass?

Up to 40

How much does this Masterclass cost?

£110 - Lunch is not included

Available masterclasses:

26th Feb 2019

Waiting List

Mindful Movement

26th February 2019

What is the Masterclass about?

This masterclass will prepare mindfulness teachers to lead mindful movement and breath awareness in MBCT and MBSR programmes. It is an integral module for training as an MBCT teacher.
This is an experiential and interactive masterclass for practitioners and facilitators of mindfulness and mindful movement. Enquiry and open receptivity are at the heart of this exploratory day.
We will examine:
· how we as practitioners continue to develop compassionate embodied practice and awareness of the dialogue between mind and body through movement and breath.

· how we as facilitators cultivate and nurture a permissive and responsive atmosphere of movement enquiry that promotes self agency and connection.

An underpinning of relevant neurobiology will be included to support our understanding of the interconnection of movement, breath and the nervous system to help shed light on how and why this practice works.
In addition to developing a theoretical appreciation of how to guide participants safely towards movement and breath awareness; this masterclass will allow for spacious personal enquiry and opportunity for personal and collective reflection on the skills required for teaching and modelling movement practice through embodied presence.

Who is it for?

You are eligible for this training day if:

• You are actively working on the OMC’s MBCT teacher training pathway and have completed any of the modules, for example: an MBCT course as a participant, a silent retreat, or training days devoted to practice teaching in pairs or groups.

• You are a mindfulness teacher who is already teaching mindfulness-based interventions and you wish to increase your knowledge of these topics.

Who is Anita Lewis?
Anita is a movement practitioner, educator and therapist, whose love of movement, dance and yoga spans over 30 years.
Background qualifications include a BA Hons in nursing, later specialising in palliative care for people with HIV and cancer. Yoga therapy, trauma-informed movement therapy and cranial sacral therapy form the back-bone of current work. Anita offers workshops and trainings in mindful movement and yoga nationally and has worked as a consultant in mindful movement at the Oxford Mindfulness centre since 2011.