Mindfulness and Coaching

Masterclass details

Course Leaders

Vicki Curtis and Mark McMordie

How long is the Masterclass?

One Day 9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Who is the Masterclass for?

Mindfulness Teachers and Coaches interested in Mindfulness

Where is the Masterclass?

St Hugh's College, St Margaret's Road Oxford OX2 6LE

How many people on each Masterclass?

Up to 50

How much does the Masterclass cost?

£130 (including lunch)

Available Masterclasses:

22nd Nov 2018

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What is the Masterclass about?

Research from the field of psychotherapy suggests that rather than the therapist’s preferred process or methodology, the biggest variance in client outcomes results from their way of being with clients. In this masterclass we will explore the role of mindfulness in enabling a state of open receptivity in the coaching encounter and deeper levels of attunement and resonance with coaching clients.

While mindfulness might be brought explicitly into the coaching relationship through teaching mindfulness practices, we will consider how mindfulness might inform coaching process and influence outcomes through the embodied presence of a mindful coach.

This experiential masterclass will weave together research and theory with mindfulness and coaching practice. Specifically we will discuss how regular mindfulness practice might impact on the coaching relationship through:

  • Coach presence
  • Use of self
  • The capacity to work with strong emotion
  • Establishing trust, intimacy and safety with the client
  • Deeper levels of listening
  • Questions attuned to the present moment

We will consider how regular mindfulness practice can support a coach before, during and after a coaching session. We will also explore the role mindfulness and compassion practices might play in cultivating unconditional positive regard and as a means of self-care for the coach

Who is it for?

This day is part of a series of Workplace Masterclasses being introduced by the Oxford Mindfulness Centres.  Open to all individuals with an interest in how mindfulness can support and enhance personal and organisational wellbeing; these Workplace Masterclasses are particularly informative for practitioners delivering mindfulness based training in the workplace.

Who are Vicki and Mark?

Vicki Curtis is a leadership and organisation development facilitator and coach with over 20 years’ experience in internal and external consultancy roles.

Before founding her own consultancy, Vicki was a partner in a global organisation development company and has worked extensively coaching both leaders and leadership teams across many organisations and industry sectors. She began piloting Mindful Leadership Programmes within Nuffield Health in 2012 and has since been involved in a number of other mindful development programmes in the workplace, including the NHS and JLR.

Vicki is also an associate of the Kings Fund and one of the lead facilitators on the Compassionate Leadership though Mindfulness programme.

Mark McMordie is Director of Coaching at Coachmatch, a global OD and Executive Coaching Consultancy. He is an ICF accredited coach and trained as a mindfulness teacher at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. As well as teaching public MBSR programmes Mark has delivered mindfulness interventions in a range of corporate environments and in 2017 published ‘Mindfulness for Coaches’ with Michael Chaskalson via Routledge.