Mindfulness in Non-Clinical Settings – Finding Peace in a Frantic World. Teacher Training (Oxford – UK)

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Course Leader

Chris Cullen

How long is the Masterclass?

Two Day 9:00am - 5:00pm

Who is the Masterclass for?

Trained Mindfulness Teachers

Where is the Masterclass?

St Hugh's College, St Margaret's Road Oxford OX2 6LE

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Available masterclasses:

31st Aug - 1st Sep 2019

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What is this masterclass about?
The OMC has been teaching the course from Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World, by Mark Williams and Danny Penman to staff and students at Oxford University and to corporate clients. The course in this book runs over eight weeks and is presented in a self-help format but also works well as a curriculum for taught courses. It is intended primarily for non-clinical populations and is taught in classes of 60-90 minutes.

Led by Chris Cullen, this workshop will explore what needs to be taken into consideration to teach a mindfulness course based on this book to reduce the time commitment for participants and thus make mindfulness more accessible to the general public, student groups and work-place settings.

Who is it for?
You need to be a trained Mindfulness teacher to participate in this workshop.