Positioning Mindfulness and MBCT in Education – Schools

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Course Leaders

Liz Lord and Jem Shackleford

How long is the masterclass?

One Day 9.30am - 4.30pm

Who is the masterclass for?

Anyone with an interest in mindfulness in schools

Where is the masterclass?

St Hugh's College

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Available masterclasses:

18th May 2019

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Positioning Mindfulness and MBCT in Education – Schools

We are seeing an unprecedented focus on mental health and wellbeing in schools at the moment with schools looking at how best to support their pupils navigate the adolescent years. Mindfulness is being offered as one way of building resilience and as a way to assisting pupils to flourish during this period of growth and development.  It is also being used to enhance staff wellbeing with skills and an approach to help them manage their workload demands and lives.

What are the aims of the Masterclass?

3 learning aims for the day:

  • Background and rationale behind offering mindfulness in schools
  • Explore the latest research in this field and the implications for schools
  • Theory and practice of implementation in schools, drawing on the learning from the MYRIAD project

Who is it for?

This day will be valuable for anyone who has an interest in mindfulness in schools. It will be highly interactive with opportunities to reflect on the rationale behind wanting to offer mindfulness in school, discuss the latest research in this field, hear about the most common programs being offered and look at the theory and practice of implementing mindfulness in this setting. Participants will also have an opportunity to develop a personal approach for working within schools.

Who are Liz and Jem?

Liz and Jem have significant experience of both teaching mindfulness to staff and pupils and bringing mindfulness into their own school settings. They both work on the MYRIAD research project which has been funded by the  Wellcome Trust award and is working with over 120 schools across the UK looking at all aspects of mindfulness in schools. Throughout the day they will explore different ways of integrating mindfulness into schools (and beyond) and share the learning from their work helping schools and teachers in the MYRIAD project embrace mindfulness with integrity and authenticity.

Liz has an MSc in Mindfulness-based approaches from Bangor University and been a teacher and school senior leader for almost 20 years, formally Assistant Head at the Royal Manchester Childrens’ Hospital School. Liz helped to manage a Pupil Health Referral Unit in Salford and her particular responsibility was mental health and wellbeing, working closely with the CAMHS team to assist our pupils and other young people with complex medical needs. Liz taught  mindfulness to 11-16 year olds and helped to successfully implement mindfulness throughout the Unit. Liz was a member of the Senior Leadership Team, SENDCO and CAMHS link.  As part of the Emotional Health Implementation Group in Salford, Liz taught mindfulness courses to their Educational Psychology teams, Inclusive learning teams, a school for pupils with additional needs and parents’ groups. Liz currently works on the Myriad Research project.

Jem has been a teacher for 18 years working both in the UK and overseas, holding different roles and slowly moving towards more pastoral. For the last 6 six years he has taught mindfulness in a large comprehensive, becoming Mindfulness Lead for the last two of those years. This role explored ways of integrating mindfulness into a wholistic well-being programme.

Jem now runs adult mindfulness courses, train teachers in the Mindfulness in Schools Project .b course, assists with Schools’ Liaison in the MYRIAD project and also runs residential mindfulness retreats for young people. He has an MA in Education and is nearing completion of an MSc in Mindfulness-Based Approaches at Bangor University.