Summer School 2018

Course details

Summer School Title

Compassion in Action: Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy in a Changing World

Summer School Leaders

Mark Williams, Chris Cullen, Kate Malleson, Liz Lord, Willem Kuyken and further speakers to be announced

How long is the Summer School?

5 days (non-residential)

Who is the Summer School for?

Mindfulness teachers, trainers and those training to teach

Where is the Summer School held?

St Hugh's College, Oxford

How many people on the Summer School


How much does the Summer School cost?

Early bird £585.00 until 30th April 2018 - £650.00 thereafter

University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Summer School 2018

Monday 27th to Friday 31st August

Mindfulness and Society: Making mindfulness and MBCT accessible

With Mark Williams, Chris Cullen, Kate Malleson, Ruth Baer and further speakers to be announced

OMC Summer School 2018 – information booklet

There is a groundswell of interest in mindfulness-based programmes, such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). As with any groundswell, the water moves first down the most obvious routes. Mindfulness-based programmes are now well established for those with long-term health conditions and people living with recurrent depression.

But what about easily overlooked’ and ‘difficult to reach’ groups of people and contexts? How can we ensure that MBCT reaches all the people that might benefit, without losing its integrity and while maintaining its commitment to being evidence-based?

Our 2018 Summer School will explore how MBCT is being extended to new groups of people and contexts. For example, new mindfulness programmes are being developed for young people, prisoners, working age adults, as well as disregarded and hard-to-reach communities. And courses are being offered in very different contexts, such as schools, parliaments and prisons.

In lectures and workshops, in practice and dialogue, we will explore these issues, as well as providing a chance for delegates to present their own work to enhance the accessibility of MBCT through poster presentations.

Our fourth Summer School in 2018 will follow the format that has proven so popular in previous years: Setting the scene (day 1), an in depth exploration of an MBCT adaptation (day 2), a consideration of how psychological theory and Buddhist psychology underpin this work (day 3), a day of supported silent mindfulness practice (day 4) and a World café and panel discussion (day 5).  Across the days there is a mixture of teaching, mindfulness practice and dialogue.

Our Summer School aims to support participants’ learning, deepen mindfulness practice and support new connections between like minded people from all over the world.

The 5-day Summer School will be held at St Hughs College, in the beautiful city of Oxford.

People attend the Summer School for a whole host of reasons, including professional and personal development; for connection and community; to hear about the field’s latest developments; and to deepen or refresh their own mindfulness practice amidst like-minded people in a wonderful setting. The Summer School’s theme and curriculum takes all participants on the same journey of learning. This allows discussion over the week to focus on several key themes, and the exploration of these themes to deepen day by day.