Two-part Masterclass: Orientation and Assessment in MBCT and, Ethical Issues in Mindfulness-based Programmes (Portugal)

Masterclass details

Course Leader

Ruth Baer

How long is the Masterclass?

One Day from 9.30am - 5.30pm

Who is the Masterclass for?

Teachers of MBCT and those training to teach MBCT

Where is the Masterclass?

Av. da Boavista 4245, 4100-140 Porto, Portugal

How many people on this Masterclass?

Up to 60

How much does this Masterclass cost?

Teaching Fee: 140€ + VAT (23%) = 172,20€

Two-part masterclass

Part 1: Orientation and Assessment in MBCT

Part 2: Ethical issues in mindfulness-based programs

30th September 2019

What is this Masterclass about?

This masterclass addresses two related topics. The first part of the day will focus on skills for conducting a pre-course orientation and assessment for participants interested in an MBCT course. Topics include:

  • gathering information from potential participants
  • explaining how MBCT might help with their concerns
  • providing information about the course
  • screening for vulnerabilities that might be contra-indications for participation or might require additional monitoring and care during the course

Orientation and assessment helps participants understand what to expect and maximize their potential benefit. It also helps to identify participants for whom this is not a good time for MBCT. For some, other problems may need to be addressed first. For others, the investment of time and energy may not be feasible. Wise decisions about this can prevent wasting of time and money and in some cases, potential harm to vulnerable people.

The second half of the day will focus more broadly on ethical issues in MBPs. These include implicit ethics within MBP curricula, ethical issues associated with Buddhist roots of MBPs, psychological science-based approaches to personal values, professional ethics for MBP teachers, harm and adverse events in MBP participants, and ethical communication about MBPs.

Who is it for?

You are eligible for this training day if:

  • You are actively working on the OMC’s MBCT teacher training pathway and have completed any of the modules, for example: an MBCT course as a participant, a silent retreat, or training days devoted to practice teaching in pairs or groups.
  • You are a mindfulness teacher who is already teaching mindfulness-based interventions and you wish to increase your knowledge of these topics.

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