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Mindfulness in Schools

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre is conducting a new initiative for mindfulness in schools by supporting the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

About the Mindfulness in Schools Team

We are teachers who have taught mindfulness in the classroom and, having seen the benefits of it, now wish to help others use it in their schools. To this end, we are also working in collaboration with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and the Well-being Institute of Cambridge University.

.b stands for “Stop, Breathe and Be!”

This simple act of mindfulness provides the kernel of the nine session .b mindfulness course for schools. Written by three experienced classroom teachers and mindfulness practitioners, Richard Burnett, Chris Cullen and Chris O’Neil, .b is carefully crafted to engage everyone, including the most cynical of student audiences. It is taught with striking visuals, film clips and activities that bring mindfulness to life without losing the precision, expertise and integrity of classic mindfulness teaching.

What are the aims of .b?

At the most simple level .b is an awareness-raising exercise to give all students a taste of mindfulness so that they know about it and can return to it later in life if they choose to do so. However, for many pupils the course can lead to immediate and striking results: they feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled; they can concentrate better; they have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety. Objectives and outcomes are discussed in more detail below.

Who is .b for?

.b can be taught to timetabled school classes (the .b team refer to them fondly as ‘conscripts’!), or to groups of students who volunteer or are specially selected, perhaps to address a problem such as stress, depression or anxiety. The course has been designed to be flexible enough to use in a range of contexts, and is now being used across a wide age range, in state and private schools, in the UK and across the world. At present the materials are most suited to secondary schools and beyond, but a version of .b suitable for primary schools is being prepared and trialled.

Find out more and register for courses on the Mindfulness in Schools Project website.