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Mindfulness in the Workplace

tme_WGD_180The Oxford Mindfulness Centre focuses its work in a clinical context and workplace training is now being delivered by the spin-off company,

The Mindfulness Exchange Ltd.



Mindfulness is increasingly used in corporate environments because it:

Frantic World Book

  • reduces stress and interpersonal tension
  • enhances decision-making capability, creativity and emotional intelligence
  • releases potential that has been diminished by over-busyness, stress and fatigue

The Mindfulness in the Workplace programme provides a set of simple yet powerful practices that anyone can incorporate into daily life to help break the cycle of stress and its destructive effects on human potential. It is based on the book  Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman (London, Piatkus; May 2011).

Want a happier, more content life?
I highly recommend the down to earth methods you’ll find in Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to finding Peace in a Frantic World.
Professor Mark Williams and Dr. Danny Penman have teamed up to give us scientifically grounded techniques we can apply in the midst of our everyday challenges and catastrophes.
Daniel Goleman, Bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence