Who am I?

I have a background in Psychology and over 40 years experience of working internationally with meditation and mindful awareness in non-clinical settings. I have trained in both MBSR and MBCT and have a particular interest in the potential of MBCT to promote flourishing and wellbeing.

What do I do?

I teach MBCT for the general public at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and in Gloucestershire where I also run courses in schools and in a supermarket! I am particularly interested in broadening access to MBCT, specifically in different cultural settings and in bringing mindfulness to disadvantaged populations. I also lead the OMC service for assessing teaching competency.

Why I love working at the OMC

It’s hard to convey what a pleasure and privilege it is to be working in an international centre of excellence, with wonderful people, knowing that the work is making major contributions to mental health and wellbeing ‘across the lifespan’ and to our sense of caring for, and connectedness to, our lives, other people and our world.