Who am I?

I am the Mindfulness Lead for the NHS IAPT service, TalkingSpace Plus, which provides MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) for individuals with a history of depression as well as MBCT for individuals with long-term medical conditions.

What do I do?

We know from internationally renowned OMC led research that MBCT is effective in preventing relapse of depression. This research has informed the NICE Guidelines which outlines evidence-based NHS treatments. At the Oxford Mindfulness Centre I co-teach an eight-week Mindfulness for Depression course. This is provided twice a year to NHS patients with a history of depression whom, it is felt will benefit from this therapeutic approach.

Why I love working at the OMC

I love working at the OMC because so much thought has gone into how the many aspects of the centre embody the principles of mindfulness, from the building itself to the design of rooms and the kindness of staff.