Who am I?

I’m an experienced administrator with a background in education, psychology, and dance. I’ve taught in primary schools in the US and the UK, and also spent an amazing two years teaching English to ages 2 – 82 in rural Japan. After completing an MSc in Educational Research Methodology at Oxford I started working in university and research administration, which brought together my love of education, research, event organisation, and business administration. I’m also an avid taiko player! (But only ask me about it if you want to spend an hour listening to how fantastic it is.)

What do I do?

I manage all of the day-to-day running of our small but mighty Oxford centre, working with our training administrators, leads, associates, and trustees to bring MBCT to as many people as we can – teachers, health workers, university students, specific interest groups, the general public. I facilitate the work of our trainers and associates nationally and internationally, and help manage our programmes to make MBCT accessible to a wide range of people and groups.

Why do I love working at the OMC?

I joined the OMC because I was inspired by its mission: to reduce suffering, promote resilience, and realise human potential across the lifespan. I am consistently inspired by the dedication that every member of the team has to the work that we do here, and the love and intention with which they approach it. We all feel deeply that the work we do at the OMC is important, and this creates a unique and wonderful environment in which to work and learn.