Who am I?

I have a range of roles as a clinical psychologist, mindfulness teacher, supervisor, and trainer; and at home as a Carer. Although my identity as a psychologist has developed over the last thirty years, I feel that ‘mindfulness teacher’ allows for a fuller answer to the question ‘who I am’.

What do I do?

I am a Consultant Clinical psychologist working in community adult mental health settings. As well as providing clinical work through direct therapy and supervision, I also contribute to the management of the service across the county. My role now includes providing and developing MBCT services for our local NHS Trust across the whole Psychological Therapies Pathway.

As an associate for the OMC  I enjoy teaching classes for the general public and would like to extend my work as a supervisor and trainer with them as time permits.

Why I love working at the OMC

Although I have received MBCT training from other centres, most has come from the OMC. I love working for, with, and in the OMC because it is  a haven of tranquillity and hope -that compassion can predominate in this very stressful world and overcome the trauma that has beset so many of our lives.