Who am I?

I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, a BABCP Accredited Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapist and an experienced MBCT teacher, trainer and supervisor. I have worked as a clinician and trainer in adult mental health services for many years, both in the NHS and in private practice.

What do I do?

I am a Course Tutor on the Masters of Studies in MBCT, a role which involves teaching, assessment, supervision and mentoring. I also contribute to the Foundations Course in a teaching and mentoring capacity. I thoroughly enjoy fostering the skills and confidence of new mindfulness teachers. Additional activities at the OMC include providing supervision to teachers involved in the MYRIAD trial and teaching MBCT to the general public, in the form of evening and day classes.

Why I love working at the OMC

In my role as a teacher and trainer of mindfulness-based programmes, I am engaged in work that I know makes a difference to the quality of people’s lives, including my own. Mindfulness-based approaches can transform our capacity to live with recurrent depression and many other forms of human suffering. The OMC is dedicated to delivering high quality, evidence-based practice, informed by the rigorous trials and empirical investigations of the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre Research Group.  I am honoured to be involved in the clinical application and dissemination of this research.