Who am I?

I am a Clinical Psychologist who has specialised in experiential approaches to therapy. I trained in MBCT at the OMC, starting with the 8 day residential in Ammerdown in 2014, moving on to the Foundation Course in 2015/2016 and finally completing the MSt in MBCT in 2018 (for which I was awarded a distinction). In addition to my interest in mindfulness as a tool to enhance emotional wellbeing, I am fascinated by its potential to improve relationships. I trained in another research and mindfulness based therapy called Alliance Focused Therapy which emphasises the use of ‘mindfulness-in-relationship’ as a means of resolving impasses in therapy, and offer training in this approach. I also teach an 8 week Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme for the Interpersonal Mindfulness Centre (www.imcentre.org). My day job is as Lead Clinician at Headington Psychotherapy (www.headingtonpsychotherapy.co.uk).

What do I do?

I teach the Finding Peace curriculum to students at the University of Oxford.

Why I love working at the OMC?

Having run out of longer courses to do at the OMC, I had to find another way of staying in touch! Seriously, though, for me MBCT and the work at the Mindfulness Centre represents an exciting development in mental health, namely that we can increasingly define and train the mental skills that are key to intrapersonal and interpersonal wellbeing. I also find the confluence of rigorous science and ancient wisdom represented at the OMC stimulating, enriching and particularly relevant to the challenging times in which we live.