Who am I?

I am a meditation practitioner, mindfulness teacher and supervisor. I am particularly interested in the integration of modern clinical psychology and traditional wisdom, and am very fortunate to have encountered many excellent teachers and teachings from both sides.

What do I do?

I offer MBCT, MBSR, MSC and related programs for the general public and mindfulness professionals. I am the founder of MindAwake Lab which promotes the cultivation of mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom.  I learn so much from teaching and I feel deep gratitude to the participants I work with for having the chance to grow with them.

Why I love working at the OMC

I trust the power of the mind and heart to reduce suffering and release human potential. The OMC is doing admirable work in this area, as a global leader in research, training and promotion of MBCT and MBI.  The vision and mission of the OMC really speak to me and I find it very fulfilling to be part of its collective endeavour to enhance mental health and well being. Moreover, as an alumnus of Oxford, my work also helps me to better connect with this amazing university in a meaningful way.