Who am I?

I am a consultant psychiatrist who specialises in the areas of Stress, Mood and Anxiety disorders, and provides mindfulness-based courses in clinical and workplace settings.
I also co-run a mindfulness teacher training institute.

What do I do?

Our centre provides MBCT courses for patients across Adelaide and we have conducted some research in MBCT for treatment resistant mood disorders. I teach mindfulness-based approaches in various workplace settings, with a special interest in the wellbeing of medical and healthcare staff. I am particularly interested in providing high quality training and supervision to the next generation of mindfulness teachers.

Why I love working at the OMC

I am honoured to be an associate of a Centre that bases its mindfulness approaches in rigorous science and high quality teaching and teacher-training. I have been provided with opportunities to teach in interesting parts of the world and therefore witnessed the universal potential of mindfulness for all human beings. I am grateful for the big hearts and minds of all the OMC staff.