Who am I?

Working with Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Director, I take joint responsibility for OMC strategic leadership.

I am a business person who has been fortunate enough to find a field where I love to work.  I hold an Executive MBA and other senior leadership training qualifications.  I am in the final stages of a Health Economics PhD reviewing the cost-effectiveness of Mindfulness in the Workplace and I feel very blessed to be working in an area where I am supported in my studies and can contribute in this way.  I’m passionate about quality training and event management and establishing the ‘container of care’ the support teams give to the training teams and how this impacts on the participant experience.

What do I do?

As the Chief Executive Officer I lead the OMC’s business planning and operations, ensuring work is aligned to the Charity’s Board approved Business Plan.  I work with the management team to implement the strategic vision and our portfolio of offerings.  I also work closely with the leads in the OMC to ensure our curriculums are relevant, updated, financially viable and accessible.

Why I love working at the OMC

I have many roles within the mindfulness community and work with colleagues in a range of different sectors all striving for similar goals to our mission; to reduce suffering, promote resilience and realise human potential across the lifespan through mindfulness. I love working in the OMC as it provides a unique opportunity to work with others, both individuals and organisations, to achieve aligned visions for greater impact.  Through this work we are able to support the research agenda to ensure we continue to move forward with field developments informed by the science and evidence base.