Who am I?

I lead the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre research group and direct the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. My professional background is as a research clinical psychologist. My work is as a scientist, trainer and clinician.

What do I do?

My work is in the service of preventing depression and enhancing human potential across the life span.

We now know a great deal about how diet and physical exercise support physical health. More and more I am convinced that it is within reach to envisage a world where we know how best to take care of our minds in ways that support mental and physical health. A world where children and adolescents, at formative stages of development, can learn the skills that support their resilience and flourishing. A world where schools and workplaces support the mental health of those who learn and work there.

Why I love working at the OMC

The people! That I get to work alongside and learn from some extraordinary people. Waking up each day and knowing that the work I have the privilege of doing can enrich lives, both mine and others’ lives.