Summer School 2020: Two day workshop introducing Buddhist Psychology & Practice for Mindfulness teachers and practitioners (Online)

Workshop details

Course Leader

Chris Cullen

How long is the Masterclass?

2 days from 9.30am - 4.30pm

Who is the Masterclass for?

Teachers of MBCT and those training to teach MBCT

Where is the Masterclass?


How many people on this Masterclass?

Up to 60

How much does this Masterclass cost?


Available workshops:

27th Aug - 28th Aug 2020

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Two day workshop introducing Buddhist Psychology & Practice for Mindfulness teachers and practitioners 

27th & 28th August 2020

What is the Workshop about?

Mindfulness is widely acknowledged to have its roots in foundational Buddhist traditions of understanding and practice that stretch back two and a half thousand years. These articulate and reflect remarkably precise and nuanced models of human experience that illuminate the ways in which distress and dissatisfaction can helpfully be understood and alleviated through clearer seeing and practical commitment to cultivating the conditions for flourishing in our personal and collective lives.

As mindfulness has been increasingly been examined and researched through the lenses of cognitive psychology, neuroscience and social sciences, remarkable degrees of congruence and consistency have been discovered between our latest understandings of human experience and the ancient teachings found in the early Buddhist tradition.

In this two day workshop, we will explore these foundational teachings and the core psychological understandings and orientations within which they contextualise the practice of ‘wise mindfulness’.  We will investigate the deep congruences between these understandings and the insights and principles underlying and informing contemporary mindfulness-based approaches, especially Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and we will consider what the practical implications of this might be for how we can practise mindfulness today.

Please note that as an introduction to Buddhist psychology and practice, this workshop will integrate presentation and discussion with short periods of guided mindfulness practice in which we explore the implications and potential of the material that we are studying together.