Group Skills for MBCT Workshop – Foundational Training (Oxford, UK)

Workshop details

Course Leader

Ruth Baer and Marie Johansson

How long is this Workshop?

One day from 9:30am to 5pm

Who is this Workshop for?

Teachers of MBCT and those training to teach MBCT

Where is the Workshop?

POWIC Building, Oxford

How many people on this Workshop?

Up to 40

How much does this Workshop cost?

£135 including lunch and refreshments

Available workshops:

16th Apr 2020

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Group Skills for MBCT Workshop

16th April 2020

What is this Workshop about?

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) was developed to be taught in the context of a group. A group teaching context enables the experiential emergence of the sense of common humanity, the understanding that vulnerability is universal, which in turn enables the growth of community, connection and compassion.

The ability to mindfully not only form a group, but also to hold it through various group processes/patterns and guide it through the ending process is, therefore, a core component of teaching MBCT skillfully and without this foundation the effectiveness of MBCT can be compromised.

This workshop offers trainee MBCT teachers, and established teachers, the opportunity to develop their skills in creating a warm, supportive, safe group environment. It will help you to reflect upon how a group develops and ends and develop your skills in managing challenges, processes and patterns/dynamics within the group.

The workshop has an experiential basis allowing the group to learn from their own experience of being a group within the workshop and from the innovative teaching method of forum theatre, through which participants will have the opportunity to have fun together trying out new skills and ideas. The workshop aims to grow teacher’s confidence in leaning into group challenges/processes/patterns/dynamics, enabling us to open to these as our own teachers so that we become curious about them rather than closed and/or fearful.

Key Questions / Learning Outcomes:

  • How can we skillfully work with group processes/dynamics that emerge during the course including during the enquiry process?
  • What is the difference between how to work with group processes and how to conduct a skillful enquiry / group exercise?
  • How do we hold the group whilst group processes / challenges / dynamics are going on?
  • What do we mean by holding the group in mind?
  • What is the difference between no ‘one right way’ and more / less skillful ways to work with group processes?
  • How do we as individuals react and respond to different dynamics?
  • Working with groups involves being with uncertainty – what are the firm foundations we can draw upon in this work?
  • How to maintain boundaries & boundary setting

Ruth Baer

Ruth is a clinical psychologist and a mindfulness researcher, teacher, trainer, and practitioner. Following a long career as a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, she was very fortunate to move to Oxford to work with the OMC. Her interests include conceptualisation and assessment of mindfulness, effects of mindfulness-based programs, mechanisms of change, and professional training and ethics in the mindfulness field. She enjoys taking a broad perspective, and so she has studied a wide range of mindfulness-based interventions, including MBCT and MBSR as well as DBT, ACT, and MBRP.

Ruth’s work at the OMC includes teaching, training, and research. She’s the lead for the non-academic teacher training pathway and also work with the Master of Studies in MBCT. She teaches mindfulness courses for the general public and for Oxford students and staff, and works with competency assessment. On the research side, Ruth collaborates on manuscripts based on the data coming in from the MYRIAD project and other projects with OMC colleagues.

Marie Johansson

Marie is a qualified Social Worker and an experienced Mental Health practitioner, CBT Group Worker, MBCT Teacher and Trainer. As Clinical Lead at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, she coordinates and manages the delivery of MBCT within the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust as well as training Trust staff. She also manages all MBCT courses delivered to the general public. Marie has a particular interest in working with people suffering from depression and anxiety and a range of mental health issues. She trains new MBCT teachers nationally and internationally, teaches on the Foundations Course and supervises MBCT students and trainees, as well as experienced teachers, mostly within psychological treatment services, both in the UK and abroad.