Summer School 2020: Finding Peace in a Frantic World – 2 Day Workshop (Online)

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Course Leader

Chris Cullen and colleagues

How long is the Workshop?

Two Days, 9:00am - 6:00pm

Who is the Workshop for?

Trained Mindfulness Teachers

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Available workshops:

24th Aug - 25th Aug 2020

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Summer School 2020: Finding Peace in a Frantic World – 2 Day Workshop

24th August 2020 – 25th August 2020

The book Mindfulness – a Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Professor Mark Williams and Dan Penman outlines an eight-week ‘self-help’ adaptation of MBCT course that is also very suitable for teaching in non-clinical settings such as workplaces, with student groups and in public classes. Many mindfulness teachers are finding this to be a very appropriate and useful resource for such contexts as it can be delivered in 60-90 minute classes and asks less of participants in terms of ‘formal’ home practice than MBCT / MBSR. This two-day workshop will explore what needs to be taken into consideration when delivering this course in non-clinical settings. Training will be provided in the distinctive pedagogies of this course and full curriculum materials and handouts for teaching the course will be available.

Who is this masterclass for? 

This workshop is for well-trained mindfulness teachers who are teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions in line with the UK Good Practice Guidelines and who wish to deepen and enrich their work in non-clinical settings using the ‘Finding Peace’ course materials.


Chris Cullen works part-time as an MBCT teacher and trainer for the OMC. He also teaches Insight Meditation retreats in the UK, US and mainland Europe, and has a psychotherapy practice in Oxford.

For the OMC, he teaches Buddhist Psychology component on the MSt in MBCT course, runs the programmes of Mindfulness courses and classes in Parliament, and assists with planning and teaching the annual Summer School. Chris also contributes to various trainings and masterclasses for mindfulness teachers.