Who am I?

I am an OMC teacher, trainer and supervisor. I have a background in Psychology and over 40 years of experience working internationally with meditation and mindful awareness in non-clinical settings. I have a particular interest in broadening access to MBCT – in different cultural settings and populations – and in the potential of MBCT to promote flourishing and wellbeing.

What do I do?

Both at OMC and from my home in the Cotswolds near Cheltenham, I teach Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness: MBCT for Life and the new 12-module Mindfulness: Taking my learning further course recently developed by OMC . I also teach in schools and in organisational settings. As an OMC trainer, I train mindfulness teachers nationally and internationally in MBCT, Mindfulness: MBCT for Life, and, with Prof Willem Kuyken, the new Mindfulness: Taking my learning further programme. I lead the OMC service for competency assessment and for integrating use of the MBI:TAC into teacher training on our non-academic pathways.