Who am I?

I’m a mindfulness teacher, working primarily with general public groups in Sussex, Surrey and London. I first came to mindfulness in 2001 while I was going through a period of anxiety and depression, and found it transformative. After a number of years of deepening practice, I began writing about mindfulness (my first career was in journalism) and then trained to teach. I’ve written three books, the last of which, Into The Heart of Mindfulness, tells some of my story with meditation. I’m particularly interested in how mindfulness practice can be embedded and deepened over the longer term, and how this transforms lives. I’m also involved in mindfulness and politics, as an advisor to the Mindfulness Initiative, and helped write and edit the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group’s Mindful Nation UK report.

What do I do?

I lead eight-week mindfulness courses, graduate programmes and retreats in Sussex, London and Surrey. I also teach and speak about mindfulness in workplaces. For the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, I am part of the team teaching mindfulness in Parliament, and have also taught mindfulness in schools as part of the MYRIAD project. I write for Mindful magazine, and sometimes speak at public events, conferences and in the media. I have a young family and like to spend time with them, as well as creating space for my own meditation practice.