Who am I?

I have served as a Commando Pilot in HM Forces for 19 years and now, after 10 years in the city in Finance, am Senior Advisor to a multi family office.  I also advise national charities on governance, structure and fundraising. When I have time I also fly a helicopter for a well known Rock Star!

What do I do?

Having being deployed on pretty much every military operation since the Falklands, I have seen and experienced the trauma of mental health issues.  I am a champion for the recognition and treatment of mental health for all armed forces personnel and their families.  I very much see my role as spreading the word of how the work of the OMC can make a material difference to peoples lives in all fields, but with focus on the military context. Further, I see my experience through fundraising and helping to define strategy in major charities as an aide to the future of the organisation.  I am a Trustee of the Murray Parish Trust.