Who am I?:

I am an academic and someone who has taught meditation for over thirty years both in the UK and internationally; I am particularly interested to the contribution that mindfulness and other contemplative practices can have to human flourishing and ethics.

What do I do?:

In my academic role I am the co-Director of the Master of Studies degree in MBCT at Oxford that is run as a joint venture through Continuing Education and the Department of Psychiatry. As a member of the board of trustees I have a particular interest in the role that retreats play in the development of secular based mindfulness teachers, and the crucial role of a normative based ethics in creating the conditions for the kind of human flourishing that mindfulness based interventions encourage.

Why I love working at the OMC:

The OMC is at the forefront of research and development in the field of MBCT and this I feel is crucial, not just for alleviating mental health issues, but for society as a whole. It is wonderful to be part of something that is so valuable and leads to the lessening of so much distress in our societies