Who am I?

I am a local Church of England priest in Oxford, currently Vicar of Holy Trinity Headington Quarry. I developed an interest in Mindfulness because of its strong resemblance to the Christian contemplative prayer tradition. I then found it to be transformative in how I managed stress and in self-care and have been practicing and teaching now since 2012.

My other interests include: the cross-over between science and the faith traditions; the connection between Mindfulness and Spirituality; and how faith can be expressed in a more open hearted, open minded and less dogmatic way. I think Mindfulness can help with this.

I am the author of ‘Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality’ SPCK 2016.

What do I do?

My ‘day job’ as above is all the nitty gritty of an ordinary local parish priest which puts me regularly in contact with a huge variety of people with a huge variety of mostly of non-clinical needs.

I have been teaching an eight week Mindfulness course based on Mark Williams’ and Danny Penman’s book ‘Mindfulness – a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world’ since 2012. Mostly but not exclusively church people have come to these courses and it seems to be about the right level for a non-clinical setting. We do not try to ‘Christianise’ Mindfulness but do run an optional 9th session for those who want to think about how Mindfulness might link with prayer. I also run a regular weekly drop in session in Headington.

I have been running courses for Clergy in Oxford diocese in both an eight week format and a three day residential introductory format. The diocese is sponsoring this work and is the first diocese in the country to do so. I offer it to clergy for: ‘Stress management, Self-care and Spirituality’.

Why I love working with the OMC

I did my first MBCT course with the OMC in 2011 and trained to teach the course on what was then called the ‘training pathway’. This was a modular programme which I completed over three years and was accredited in 2015. I now teach one MBCT course per year at the OMC as an associate teacher and receive supervision for all my teaching here.