The OMC research programme is primarily focused on preventing depression and enhancing human potential across the lifespan. It is supported by research grants awarded to the University by the Wellcome Trust, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Mind and Life covering the period until 2021 and valued at just under £7 million. Find out more about our work within the Department of Psychiatry.


We are investigating how schools prepare young people to improve resilience and manage their emotional health in this research project based in the UK

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The Mindlock Project

We are currently conducting a set of studies investigating what keeps people at persistent risk for suicidal relapse, and how we can help people to stay well.

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The ASPIRE Project

The ASPIRE research had two main aims: To scope current MBCT practice across the UK, and to develop a set of key recommendations for introducing Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy into health service delivery.

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Mindfulness for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (MIBS)

A team of researchers and clinicians from Oxford University’s Department of Experimental Psychology and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre have developed a new 6-week MBCT course tailored specifically for participants with IBS. Building on insights from previous work at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and elsewhere, the team has taken clinical insight and new scientific findings to design this course.

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