Summer Schools

The OMC is delighted to offer an annual Summer School, held in Oxford. It is a vital part of the life of the Centre, developing the field, sharing new knowledge and building community.

Click below to see what was covered in our 2019 Summer School Programme


The summer school is tailored for mindfulness teachers, trainers and those training to teach.

The summer school provides opportunities to:

  • Explore the state of MBCT field
  • Stimulate your understanding of MBCT
  • Learn about the latest research you need
  • Connect with the international MBCT community
  • Practice mindfulness

It explores and reflects on questions such as:

  • What will support sustainable development of this field?
  • What are the key messages for mindfulness teachers in MBCT research?
  • How can we best reach and serve the people who might benefit?
  • How can each of us nourish and sustain our practice?
  • Where to next for the field?

Summer School Participant Feedback

“A real sense of community developed throughout the week”“The opportunity to meet scholars, get together with colleagues from around the world and tune in back to self-practice”; “The soothing meditations dotted throughout the fairly intense days. They helped keep us grounded and yet on the ball to soak up the exquisitely prepared and presented sessions.”